Control Work in a Share workspace



i have find that we requiere a feature that will be very helpful.

  • When i share the workspace i can se what other are programming in files if i´m tracking the file and i´m connected .

  • I will like to se how many hours the other people that i have share the workspace they have been working in a 24h period and what files and lines of code they have been programming .(like a git but in git o mercuri i cant se how many minuts or hours this code has taking to the programmer )

  • And a reporting page will also ve very helpful for the entire project for machin the reports whit bitbucker and


Well the first one is already done… you can click on user avatar and select active file.


yes the first one i can track , has you said clicking in the avatar :), but the other i have to review manually and if it is a big project whit many programmers its really difficult to track all of the manually


The first one is implemented in a way, you can see what files people are working on at this moment. And track their cursor. However having a git like revision history would be really cool, and reports of who changed what file and how much they contributed.

Perhaps in one of the paid plans?