Contents of file disappear



Hey, this has happened a couple of times to different files, but occasionally all the contents of a file will disappear from the editor window. It’s not only in the editor, it’s saving to disk — while some connected users can still see the contents in their editors, cat displays an empty file.

But this has happened to two users simultaneously. (we were pair-programming in person and we noticed the file, BatchRecord.js, suddenly blank out in 2/3 Chrome tabs on two different machines, but not the third tab of one of our two machines!)

I’ve been getting the code “back” by saving the blank file and then checking it out with git, but that won’t work for changes made since last commit, so I may be losing code.

It seems to be occurring repeatedly, as git checkout only restores the file for a few seconds before the file is vacuumed again.

Yes, we do have experimental auto-save enabled. I see we’re not the only folks with this bug?