Constant Reconnecting... and terrible latency


I started using c9 and the education plan for my Python class. The first couple of weeks went fine, but the last two have been very bad performance, just trying to edit and type terminal commands. Typing latency is >10s, and I get constant toast notification at the top of Reconnecting…

I’ve reloaded the page, closed it and opened again and its still going on. It seems to be worst at the beginning, then settles down for most of the class.



I was experiencing the same thing (using safari) and support asked me to try chrome. Apparently there is a bug with the latest safari that was causing it. Not sure why browser you are on but figured I would throw this out there.



I have the same problem. When I use Chrome, everything is fine. But I want to use Safari.


there is a bug in safari, which breaks websockets, making connection very slow, please try using chrome or the ‘Safari Technology Preview’ until the bug fix reaches the release version.