Console very very slow, and randomly disconnecting



Need console for college submission due tonight !!!


I really need some help resolving this problem. I have a pile of college work to do… Please help!!!


Is this happening all of a sudden, or has this been happening as long as you’ve been using Cloud9? Thinking this could be tied to your internet connection, but you may want to also try running this in an Incognito browser with all addons and userscripts disabled.


I use Cloud9 on both my work machine and at home. Normally it functions perfectly. I logged in last Friday and I got a message saying my profile had been moved to a new server and to wait until my profile loaded.
When it loaded that’s when I had issues. The console would either respond very slowly, not at all or just crash. this persisted from Friday until Sunday morning.
This problem is resolved and my Cloud9 work space functions as normal now.


Seems like it may have been transient, unfortunately. If you run into an issue like this, and it specifically only affects one workspace, try cloning the workspace because it may be an issue with the host you’re on (the clone will migrate the workspace to a different host)