Connection not private


Whenever I run a cloud9 project the browser says,‘Your connection is not private’. What might be the issue? If there is any fix please guide!!


I found this guide from Google, with many rated. I think it can help you to resolve the ‘your connection is not private error’.


Does this happen in all locations???

I ask because I’m getting this error when using the WiFi from the City College of San Francisco, but from all other locations that I’ve tried it works.

I’m suspecting that CCSF is blocking some ports, but who knows.

Here is a partial screen shot that may be helpful for solving this issue.


Looks like CCSF is intercepting the traffic to for some reason. Do you see this for any other websites while on their network? I’d email the IT staff at CCSF about it.


Yes, I emailed them on Friday. Nothing yet. I don’t know of any sites that are blocked, but haven’t made it a point of testing that either.