Connection issue

Hi there,

I m having issues connecting to my workspace. Was working on it earlier and was disconnected. I have rebooted the workspace but all the terminals are unable to connect and I can’t type anything or save anything…

My username is dtio, workspace name: ror_projects. Pls advise.


I am experiencing the same problem. Probably will have to wait until it is resolved.

Same here. Cloud9 is being not stable. Always disconnect and tabs show unsaved status. Please fix it. No matter pay or free accounts, the connections always disconnect and slow response.

I’m having hard time with same problem. I want to know when this problem will be solved.

I experience the same issue several times.

Now, I am unable to edit any file in the workspace shared with me.

Also, I can’t access several options in the menus like “File” and the main project settings. For example, I used to access “Revision History” but I see nothing in the main Cloud9 menu now.

Could anybody help?

I’m seeing an issue sometimes - depending on the workspace - which leads me to think this is an issue with workloads on different servers - I am getting a 503 error when trying to create a new or cloned workspace

    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 (Service Unavailable) :