Connecting to pgadminIII from here?



Hey c9,

A little new to this… I went through Hartl’s tutorial about a month ago…

I say that because in that we used sqlite in development, so when generating migrations, I could easily download the
’development.sqlite3’ file to my local disk and play around with and navigate the database via the front end sqlite tool…

Now, since I doing something for production, before I embark, I would like to know how to access and play around with database in development environment…

Is there some file I will be able to download, after seeding the database, in order to see the data that is seeded into the db? Like development.sqlite3?

If not, how would I be able to view the seeded data and play around with that?

Tried looking in postgreSQL documentation and could not find anything other than setting it up the proper way; which by the way, I finally did after creating the right username and password after following threads on here.

Hope question is clear, if not, let me know and I could try to clarify as best as I could.



Hey @bryang217 :slightly_smiling:,

In your development environment you’ll simply be able to make a copy of your production sqlite3 file and use it as if it were a pretend production environment. Therefore following the PosgreSQL documentation to setting up the proper way is perfectly fine.

In most cases, you want to keep you development environment as parallel to your production environment as possible, sans the testing, debugging, and tooling you’ll have in your development environment usually.

I hope I understood the question correctly. If not, please clarify further as you offered.