Connecting to mysql-server from other system



hello cload9 community,
I have a problem with connecting to the mysql-server at my cload9 project.
So, my raspberry pi (at home) needs to connect with the sqlserver at my cload9 project.
The command that i use “mysql -h -u vinie204 -p c9”.
After plusminus 1 minute i get a error message like you can see in the image below.

Hope you guys can help me.



mysql-server is running.


C9 proxies/firewalls its TCP/IP connections, for security and probably other reasons. You can’t directly connect to your C9 server from “the outside”. Or at least you need to clear some hurdles.

The only ports passed on to the outside are 8080, 8081 and 8082. That means you could run up to 3 services on different ports and access them from “outside.”

So if you want your MySQL server to be accessible from outside C9, you need to change its config to listen on one of those 3 ports. If your MySQL setup uses a my.cnf file, you’ll find a port= line in there that you can change.

And then you’ll need to access the C9 proxy host by using a host address like


or in your case,

If I’m guessing correctly that the -p parameter on your call is the port number then you’ll want to say -p 8080 .