Connect to DB using GUI tool


Hello, I’m using SQLyog GUI tool to work with Mysql databases, how can I connect it to my workspace? SQLyog have some connect options like http tunneling (when placing .php file in web accessible place and connecting thru it), ssh and mysql connect (if working from localhost or remote access enabled). I don’t want to use phpmyadmin and It’s very nonproductive.


I haven’t used SQLyog, but you have a few options for accessing things within your workspace.

There are 3 ports that all http/https requests are proxied for:
You can also ssh out of the container (but not in) which allows you to forward ports with -L or -R depending on which way you want to expose ports to your local machine.

I.e. if you use ssh -R 1234:localhost:3306 $YOURMACHINE you can connect to localhost:1234 and reach the mysql instance in the container over a secure tunnel.

The http tunneling with php (if it works how you describe) would probably be your easiest option. Just start your service on one of the 3 ports listed in the link above, and you can use that to connect. I’m not sure about how secure that is however; I have no experience with that.