Connect MySQL to GUI (like MySQL Workbench)



I am having my live workspace. Please suggest how we can connect to MySQL workbench

Connect MySQL-Front to MySQL database on Cloud9

As far as I know, this is not possible.

Here is a small guide on connecting MySQL Workbench to an external db. Looks like it wants to connect on port 3306 (though that’s probably configurable to your liking) and it connects over TCP/IP.

Cloud9 workspaces have dynamic IP addresses so there’s no way to get one that will work. Additionally, you can use Multiple Ports but those ports only work over https so that probably won’t jive with that guide.

Currently all communication to your workspace is routed through our proxies which only support HTTP. The only way to use an external client right now would be one that communicated via HTTP rather than a custom protocol (this appears to be what MySQL uses).

If you find another way to do this, it’d be awesome to hear about it :grin:


I wonder if there is any way for me to connect an external application as Mysql-Front to my mysql database on Cloud9? If any, how to proceed?


Hey @cfpotel :slightly_smiling:,

Nice to e-meet. I haven’t yet worked with MySQL in Cloud9 yet myself, only PostgreSQL thusly but for reference completeness, have you seen the C9 MySQL docs:

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@cfpotel @mikeumus I moved your posts since this topic is very similar. Please see my comment above and take a look at our phpMyAdmin doc as an alternative.

@xyrin_ritika I’ve changed the post title to more broadly reflect the feature request.


With existing document only talks about the use of local applications with mysql, in my case, I need to connect an existing software on my computer (mysql-front), remotely mysql server cloud9. Still, thanks for helping! Sorry any English error!


The page for mysql-front looks like it connects over http, which could work. The issue might be if you need to connect via an IP address, which won’t work.

If you can just connect to the DB via then that should work (though it’d probably be quite insecure as you’re aware). I don’t have a Windows machine so I can’t check that myself.