Confirmation on destructive actions


It will be nice to have confirmation on actions like ‘Replace in project’, because undo don’t work with it.


Your feedback is noted,

However there are also users who expressed they’d be severely annoyed by it :slightly_smiling:
As often, using a version control system like mercurial or git helps to mitigate against too rash actions.



Make it an option to disable then?


Disable it by default, I would say. As @mvhenten pointed out, most people use Git or some other VCS anyway and don’t need/want this.


Ideal is to show all places to replace and iterate over it with ability to replace only some of them or ‘Replace all’. Confiramtion is more like dirty fast protection even optional.
Git or other VCS - it seems that you are commiting after every changed line. It will just save (from full project lost? Can’t imagine work without VCS) some time - you will still need to restore changes from last commit.


Not after every line, but yes, quite often. Committing often is often recommended as a best practice.

Cloud9 has a nice file history feature, ideal for restoring changes between commits.

There are already enough unnecessary confirmation dialogs (e.g. file deletion confirmation). I’d wish I could disable them. I agree, confirmation dialogs for things like this should be a feature, but it should be possible to disable them.