Config/database.yml not detected RoR



Hi !
I just uploaded a local RoR project on and everything it’s ok except this :

When i clic on “Run”, the terminal shows me this error :
"bash: config/database.yml: No such file or directory "

But i have a database.yml and everything it’s ok :

Can you help me? Thanks guys ! :smiley:

PB solved, i just created a new rails app and install again the hole project !


Hey @Blernsman :slightly_smiling:,

Have you seen this nice article @bradydowling did on “Running a Rails app in C9” here:
It touches on the database.yml for MySQL.

Also some discussion on the topic in this SO specifically for Prosgres:

:books: :snail:


Thanks for the answer and the link
I read this article but I use sqlite3 and I didn’t find the solution in the post… :confused: