Completely ignored by support - frustrated and feeling regret



I have to say I’m really disappointed in the support experience I’ve received. I use for c9 for all of my projects and have been a huge evangelist of your product for a while. The last 7 days have had me completely backtrack years of goodwill that has built up with me.

I have a workstation that is giving me this error on load "The service reports it’s unavailable at this time. "

It’s been doing that for 7 days now. I’ve filed multiple support requests since July 5th and have received 3 “we are looking into it answers” within the first two days and then nothing at all. I’ve been e-mailing and submitting new tickets, even reaching into old support conversations I have had in hopes of getting some help. But absolutely nothing has happened.

I’m a Network Admin at a decent sized college in Texas and recently suggested the CS dept move over to for all of their students. I feel like an idiot now because I have to backtrack my suggestions and hold off on any implementations. Bar someone died, this is really really bad and has shaken my unwavering support of

Please fix this. I shouldn’t have to go this far to get help.


I completely feel the same way. I filed a complaint, and my fix is honestly very simple. They still never responded to me at all!


Hi Xamlit,

I’m really sorry about this. We had literally every engineer on our platform team (5 of us) look into working your workspace in the past week and spent probably 10+ hours on it and none of us could figure out why it was broken. It’s an issue we’d never seen before and haven’t seen on any other workspaces since. It’s been really frustrating for us too as we hate seeing users stuck unable to work.

We’ve turned to our last option which was to create a completely new workspace and sync all the files from our backup to the new workspace. You should be good to go again now.

We’ve also had some big company changes in the last week (to be announced on wednesday) which have preoccupied most of us so sorry about dropping the ball there and taking so long to do this last resort fix.

We’re happy to give you a refund for the last month, it’s the least we can do to make up for the downtime.

Regards, Tim


@vamsid26 Was your question this one: Restoring files on a free account about restoring files you accidentally deleted?

You only asked this 10 hours ago so we hadn’t got around to answering it yet. Unfortunately there is no button premium users have to restore a backup, we have to do it manually which takes a lot of time. We have over 100,000 monthly free users and so as you can imagine with our small team we don’t have time to restore files for everyone who accidentally deletes them.

If you purchase a premium account we can restore your files for you. Or I recommend using a source control system such as Git in the future so you can recover them yourself if you delete them by accident.

Regards, Tim


Thanks for the follow up. I actually really love your service and upgraded to your highest plan because I needed to collaborate with a team. I’ve had great experiences in the past, but I wasn’t getting any updates regarding this issue so it was very unsettling. I’m glad it’s all sorted out. Thank you very much for your help! All the best!