Compile SCSS to CSS


I can’t seem to find a clear answer to SASS/SCSS support in Cloud9. Does Cloud9 automatically compile SCSS files to CSS?

Or do I need to create a custom runner for SCSS? If so, does anyone have a SCSS customer runner template I could use?



C9 automatically compiles a single SCSS file you edit into CSS, but that wasn’t really what I wanted – I use Compass and have a config.rb file that tells it to take 15+ SCSS files and compile them down to 3 different CSS files in certain ways.

Long story short, I installed Compass and set up a custom runner. Here’s my file:

    "cmd" : [
        "compass compile /home/ubuntu/workspace/path/to/theme"],
    "env" : {},
    "info" : "Compiling SASS w/Compass ...",
    "selector": "source.scss"

It goes in WORKSPACE/.c9/builders/ and then I choose

Hope that helps,


Thanks. I’ll look into getting it setup.