Community support to translate Cloud9 videos


Hello everybody,

I’m a professor of the Federal Institute of Education at Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, and I’m going to start to use Clould9 as the development platform with my students. In order to do that, I was planning to record some screencasts to teach my students how to use the platform, but I noticed that the Cloud9 has a YouTube channel with several videos, however, they don’t have Brazilian Portuguese subtitles.

I tried to add the Brazilian Portuguese subtitles in some videos, but all of them are configured to not accept subtitles from the community. Is it possible to enable this feature to allow us to include subtitles?


My best regards,
Jalerson Lima


Amazing, didn’t even know this was a thing. I just updated this so we should be accepting translations and subtitles on all videos. Check out our list of all videos that need translations and subtitles.

Let me know if I need to do anything further to enable this feature for other languages but I think it should be good to go :thumbsup:


Hello @bradydowling, thank you very much!

I’ll start just adding the English subtitles, and then I’ll translate it to Brazilian Portuguese.


Best regards,
Jalerson Lima


Hello @bradydowling,

this weekend I finished to add some subtitles on Cloud9’s videos, however, at the “Welcome to Cloud9” video, I didn’t understand one word of the last sentence: “On Cloud9, code is [?] so that’s where you spend most of your time.”.

Could you help me?



Good note, this is good feedback for me when recording videos :grimacing: It says “code is king”.