Community page all gray


Any idea why the Cloud9 Community pages are all gray apart from a small circle around my avatar? Both Chrome and Firefox are doing this today.


Can you post a screenshot of it here, so we can properly diagnose the problem?


Hopefully attached. I’m now at a totally different PC at work - same problem.


FYI, the screen looked OK until I logged in to see if I had an replies to my own queries.


Hi @papadeltasierra!
Try clicking on the button highlited on the top menu. I also had that when I first posted a reply, and then again when I received a badge. After you click through it, it won’t show again ;D


Thanks - as someone with slight color blindness, trying to ‘see through’ the fog was not fun but sorted now.


Very interesting. I hadn’t noticed this before. Perhaps it’s a feature of Discourse, which is what we use to run the community.