Collaboration bugged - autorship info


Hi, I’ve been having problems with the editor since I invited a partner to my workspace. Everytime we open a file, it takes like 10 secs to start editing, also, the cursor doesn’t move when we type, and some changes are not visible unless we switch tabs. Others workspaces work normally, and collaborative mode works fine, but not in this particular workspace. I’ve been looking for a solution, and I’ve found that disabling “Show autorship info” solved the editor problems, but now we can’t see each other changes in live as it was supposed to work. If i enable “Show autorship info” again, the problems come back.


Hi, on which workspace and which file do you see this behavior?


On this workspace, in almost every file we both opened. One of those files is “/app/config/routing.yml”. I’ve been reading and it seems like a problem with the metadata, but I don’t know how to fix it.


it appears there is an error in collab.db of your workspace,

To fix that, please run

 mv  ~/.c9/$C9_PID/collab.db  ~/.c9/$C9_PID/collab1.db

close your ide and open it in a new tab


I just ran the command, we lost the track of the changes, but at least we can start working with the collab mode again. Thanks a lot :slight_smile: