Coding practices from app academy


Hey how are you? I’m using Cloud9 to start the Ruby coding practices from app academy and I’m having a really hard time running these commands on cloud 9, I’m suppose to enter this link “wget unzip” into the console… when i do the folder comes up on the left side of the screen however when i click on it, this appears, please see image attached. When i created the work space, I’m hoping someone could help me out. . Hope to hear back asap!


Hi, you have to type the two commands in a terminal like this :
(username):~/workspace ** ` wget` **(username):~/workspace unzip
The second command (“unzip…”) will give you the practice-problems folder (as well as the __MACOSX one that you can right-click / delete)

Here is what it looks like in a brand new ruby/rails workspace :


Thank you! i got it finally. This is all new to me


Hey, I am glad you got it to go through… i had to figure it out on my own … did you understand the practice questions? I need some help!


I am doing the practice app questions, but I can’t get routing to work. I’m taken to the same darn page with instructions on how to set up routing every time.


did you manage to fix the issue, do you think it was a page generated by cloud9?