Code search finds words I didn't search for



I’m searching thru my logs, and I search for “1001” and the search finds ‘1939’ and other random 4 digit numbers… I’m running this by hitting ‘ctrl-F’. I’ve rebooted my PC and restarted my brower, and it’s still happening. Its been happening on and off for a couple weeks now…



Do you see this in the editor or terminal?
Also which browser do you use?


I’m seeing it in the editor… So I’ll open up my log, and search for a string. I’m using Firefox 50.0.1 on a PC… and the weird thing is that when I search for a string across ALL my files it works great! Its just this local search that returns weird results.


Can you try using Chrome 54, the latest Chrome, and see if the same problem occurs?


Its great in Chrome! I guess I’ll move over… seems like Chrome is much better on a couple different fronts anyway… Ok… but yea its broken on Firefox…


Yes, I used to use Firefox as my primary, but after switching to Cloud9 and hearing it worked better in Chrome (they develop towards their market, Chrome is the largest), I eventually switched to only using Chrome. My guess is they test very little in other browsers, so Chrome will work while the others don’t.


Well, the search really isn’t working well in Chrome now either… Any help would be appreciated? Also after I try and search, and I’m running a console I have to minimize and then maximize in order to see the command prompt.


We were not able to find a way to reproduce this issue.
For which workspace do you see this issue?
Could you share a screencast demonstrating the issue?