Code completion and outline with server-Side Analyzer


I am using the jsonalyzer to make a server side analyser for a language.

I had success with making a server side linter and showing markers in the editor.

It should also be possible to make a outline and code completion service with the language.base_handler:!/api/language.base_handler

Is that also possible with a server side jsonalyzer? If so, how? The documentation is not clear on this.


Right now the jsonalyzer is just focussed on linting and indexing. The indexing part is used for things like the outline view and basic code completion but is not sophisticated enough for full, proper code completion. For that you need to use the language.base_handler API. Unfortunately that API doesn’t provide a nice way to work with a server-side analyzer yet; you’d have to do that on your own. I hope we have something in place for that asap, but for now you can check how the jsonalyzer handles communication with the server.


Just a little update on this topic. New language APIs landed that make this a lot simpler. Please check out and

/cc @rsreimer