Code Autocomplete Function is Not Working For Me - [Language Specifically: Javascript]


I Am Encountering a Problem Since Some Hours, That The Code Autocomplete Feature is Not Working. It Stopped Working Suddenly and Gave Me Error Printing :
“Language worker could not be loaded; some language features have been disabled”

I Tried To Restart Workspace, I Tried To Open It in Other Browser, I Tried To Restart The Workspace. I Tried To Use My Other Workspaces… I Tried Everyrthing. But The Problem Persists. It’s Not Happening in Only One Workspace, It’s Happening in Every Workspace.

Can Anyone Please Help Me?


Same problem here. Did the same procedures as @cutedoodlz and also cleared browser cache and the problem persisted.
Browser: Google Chrome 62.0.3202.94 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OS: Windows 7 Professional


Looks like this was an issue on our side; we’re currently pushing out the fix and we should be up and running at full shortly.


It is working! Thanks a lot!


Thanks For The Quick Reply…@bryceito
It’s Working Again…It’s Working like a Charm…

And Thanks For The Really Great Online IDE…I Might Not Be Able To Learn and Develop Different Things Without It…It Really Provides Great Mobility also…I Can Work on It From Anywhere…
I Really Liked It So Much…