Cloud9 vs. Koding Comparison


Hello Cloud9,

I recently found out about Cloud9 and I signed up. It looks quite familiar to Koding (

Apart from doing a challenge from Free Code Camp, I haven’t dug into Cloud9 that much.

Cloud9 vs. Koding

I have a few questions regarding this topic. Some might be similar to another. They may be merged.

  • What is the difference between Cloud9 and Koding?
  • How different, and similar, are Cloud9 and Koding?
  • What does Cloud9 has to offer which Koding can’t/isn’t offer/offering?
  • What cannot Cloud9 offer which Koding offers?

And most importantly:

  • Why [or why not] Cloud9 over Koding?

Thank you!


Hey There! I’ll try to answer some of your questions with what I know.

Koding uses both codemirror and ace as an editor in the IDE. However Cloud9 is by the same people that built the Ace Editor. Meaning it will be implemented and supported far better than on any other platform.

Cloud9 is built on top of the concept of supporting the Open Source community. Thus you can create unlimited free and public repositories. This is a huge advantage over koding as you can spin up workspaces to try out new ideas for no additional cost.

Cloud9’s new pricing model blows koding out of the water in my opinion. $19 for unlimited private workspaces. Or $12.50 per month for 1 VM / Workspace…

The one thing Koding has over Cloud9 is the ability to have your VM always on. While your cloud9 workspace isn’t guaranteed to be always one. Thus it isn’t for hosting a site from cloud9.

I choose cloud9 for the community, stellar support, and their company’s corporate culture.

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@hamzashezad another thing you get with Cloud9 is the chance to extend it. The IDE is built on a plugin system so you can have a look at the SDK for Cloud9 plugin development and then build onto it yourself. Take things into your own hands :wink:


I lost the code of my important project on koding and I can’t get my data back. I have been banned from koding without notification due to misunderstanding.

It made me sad and a lot of other people too.

So I choose cloud9.


One thing I’ve noticed about Coding is it is sometimes slow and perhaps a little complicated to get setup. The vms are limited to 3gb and 60% of it was taken by the operating system. Whereas, with Cloud9, each workspace gets 5 gigs strictly for the user files and any mods one does. I like the template system on Cloud9, very handy to quickly get started unlike Koding which didn’t appear to have any templates.


Hello @shadowcodex!

I agree with you. Cloud9 has an advantage over Koding of unlimited free and public repositories.

I’ve been using Cloud9 for a few weeks now. It is pretty good. Koding can get a bit slow.

Thank you for your answer!


@bradydowling That is pretty cool! I’ll make sure to check that. Thanks!


@jms1989 I agree. Koding is a bit slow. Thanks for your answer!


I’m just coming into C9 after using Koding for about 1.5 years. C9 is definitely the way to go.

It turns out Koding is giving up on their on-line IDE product. It’s still there, but it’s no longer under active development. They just did one of those hip, start-upy “pivot” things, and are turning themselves into a “developer collaboration space”. Whatever that is. Personally, I don’t see much value added in Koding’s product anymore, but hey, I’m not the VC pouring money down that dr^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H into that business.

At any rate, C9 looks like an excellent replacement. Testing my code now, and if it runs here I’m $inging up.

Word to the folks at C9: I’d go fishing around Koding for more customers looking for a supported IDE experience. Who knows, you might be able to hire some front-end developers as well, if you’re looking.


Lol No. I have been using koding long time back, and now… its not even an IDE No more… its a complete mess… I cant even navigate my self correctly through there. #C9!!


I don’t fully agree. Koding is also just as open-source as Cloud9 is. The benefit of Koding is that they will integrate it fully into Gitlab. Meaning I can with 1 click on the button open a new ‘instant’ of Koding and start programming. With cloud9 it’s a hell to setup different workplaces, it really is. I’m not talking about your cloud solution, I’m talking about the community edition of Cloud9.

I’m really looking into Koding right now…


While I’m not aware of a solution for GitHub, I know Cloud9 has been looking into this, as you can see from this thread. I’m aware it’s nowhere near as convenient, but I’m glad to see them trying this out.


I’m talking about GitLab, not GitHub…


Wow, complete mess up on my part. Sorry, last night I was a little out of it, I meant to say GitLab, and that they’ve created a solution for GitHub, but not GitLab. Anyhow, I do find it’s a pity that there’s no GitLab integration, especially since a lot of my older projects and some newer ones are on GitLab, and no easy integrations means interacting with them is a little weird. @moderators, is this on the roadmap?


We don’t have a public roadmap so I’m not sure here. You should be able to clone a Gitlab repo by copy/pasting the Gitlab repo URL into the git repository field upon workspace creation.

Also, I think Koding has changed the primary function of their product since this thread was initially created. Upon the creation of this thread, Koding was an online IDE, just like Cloud9. From what I understand, Koding no longer provides an IDE, so they have quite a different target than Cloud9 does.