Cloud9 service down?



While working in my workspace suddenly everything got stuck. When doing a browser refresh the UI of the workspace seems to appear, though the terminal and files are stuck in loading state (that spinning wheel never finishes spinning).

At the same time requesting to restart the workspace results in “Could not restart workspace: An error occurred restarting this workspace: Workspace restart failed”. Also the web application that was running is not online anymore, when accessing the URL I receive the message “No application seems to be running here!”

Anyone else experiencing similar issues?


Not I, for what it’s worth. My RoR workspace is running fine.


One of my RoR C9 workspaces seems to be stuck in the “archiving” step of a migration to a new server. May or may not be the same thing you have going


This sounds like a common problem where the workspace somehow gets stuck loading, and so problems like the inability to restart occur. In order to resolve this, please email with the name of the workspace describing the problem and request that they restart it. Do note that the support email is intended for premium users, but for problems like these it is the recommended and allowed solution.