Cloud9 SDK provide support for collaboration mode when running locally




I think it would be an awesome idea if the cloud 9 SDK enabled collaboration mode when the server is started in a local environment. Due to the high latency naturally occurring when operating a web based IDE, doing so would allow users, companies and small teams to have the best of both worlds, collaboration, and a locally hosted environment to reduce any network delays. Added benefits include being able to develop without internet access and a users development environment not being reliant upon cloud9/docker infrastructure (although these two platforms look extremely well built, it is always a concern). This could be a premium feature and extend potential market for the cloud 9 IDE. Also, cloud based IDE’s may be seen as a security risk by companies with strict security policies around proprietary software/closed source software and this would provide a solutions in those situations (all files are locally hosted, not uploaded to the cloud in a private repo)

Originally I thought this was possible and as such downloaded the SDK, and ran the desktop version of cloud 9. Although I could not get the desktop version running (some kind of chromium bug on mac OSX, the desktop client glitched out at the ‘loading’ stage of the IDE), I could get the localhost browser based version working.

Another additional feature I would like to see if some kind of command pallette for all the actions available within the IDE. I think this is a common feature shared among many lightweight-IDE’s and text based editors such as Atom, Brackets, Visual Studio Code, Sublime, IntelliJ IDEA. These palettes always speed up development time by reducing the time it takes to find IDE actions such as quick formatting, syncing via github, changing preferences/themes ect.

Other than those two suggestions I would just like to say thanks for doing such an awesome job on the IDE, it is by far one of my favourite so far and I will continue to use it for the foreseeable future!



Don’t think I was able to wrap my head around everything in your first request, but the second one is already available with Ctrl+. (ctrl + dot) on a Chromebook. Probably a meta key + . on Mac OS.


Oh awesome, can’t live without the palette ;D

With the first suggestion I mean that when using the sdk, along with the following command…
./server.js -p 8080 -l -a, allow us to set up a local server that enables other users to connect in collaboration mode (just like the online version provides) however, this would be available both via LAN networks and WLAN networks.

When other users connect to your locally hosted server via another cloud9 IDE (after port forwarding ect), they will be able to collborate with you live on any files/folders within the workspace directory specified by -w.

Basically, allow us to have collaboration mode without the need for the whole thing to be run on a docker server >:D, that way local workspaces can be set up within a network and small teams can all connect via a cloud9 IDE to the server and drastically reduce network delays, as the server will most likely be on premises. Furthermore this implementation will allow us to use our own servers/computers memory and disk space.


Pass --collab option to the server.
It enables collaboration, but doesn’t have dashboard and a way to set usernames.