Cloud9 Schrödinger



Good afternoon!

Workplace during cloning git was not developed over a long period of time.
After that ghostly workplace appeared in my profile.
Let me explain.
In the list it came workplaces.
When you try to open it - 404.
When you try to open its settings - 404 error.

I still broke.:dancer:


Can you try signing out and in again, to see if that helps? Sometimes I find ghost workspaces appear when I’m actually signed out, but Cloud9 shows me as signed in.


I often have to login with different devices. It does not help.
I tried to modify the address bar, and JS, to request removal. Does not help.


I’ve been having the same issue for several months now. The workspace is unreachable and there is no way to delete it.


HI Valentineus, I know it has been a long time now but were you able to delete that workspace? I am still having the same issue.


No, the problem is not solved.
I pay no attention to the broken workplace, it does not interfere with my work.