Cloud9 RAM and HDD cost?


How much does changing HDD and RAM cost per month? And what is the limit on the free tier?


In order to change the specs of your workspace, you’ll need to upgrade to premium, which costs $19/month. I’m not a premium user, so I’m not sure the amounts that you can resize, but I believe all free tier workspaces are 512GB RAM and 2GB disk space (though, apparently workspace sizes were increased recently, so that may have changed).


I’ve changed my workspace space two times and Im on a free tier. Hows that possible?


We’ve upped the free plan to allow for hosts up to 1 GB RAM + 5 GB Disk. If you want to go past that, you’ll have to sign up for Premium.


Thanks for the info! :smiley:


Is there any way you could make it more obvious what the limit is for free plans? I’ve been searching for a while now trying to find out what the exact limit is and your post is the only recent info I can find. My workspace appears to allow me to select 2.5GB RAM and 10GB Disk space but I’m not sure if that’s going to prompt me to sign up for a paid plan or something.


It allows you to select up to that amount, but you are right in that it will prompt you to upgrade. I also agree that it’s not clear enough what the limits are, but for future reference, they are as mentioned by @bryceito above.