Cloud9 & PHP 7 Difficulties


I’m new to Cloud9 and would like to start a PHP 7.0 project. I’m having a hard time upgrading my workspace to use PHP 7.0.

I’ve followed the steps from xoob in this thread (Use PHP7 in workspaces by default). However while phpbrew shows 7.0.2 to be installed I can’t get Apache2 to run with 7.0.2. The command lines to switch and use only seem to set 7.0.2 to default in the command line. When I restart Apache2 it continues to yield 5.5.9 on phpinfo();.

It looks like I need to maybe modify the apache2.conf file but I don’t have permission. There was another comment that one needs to change the .so file but I’ve no idea what they are references or even how.

Can anyone assist with getting my workspace to use PHP 7.0.2?


You can gain root permissions with sudo for editing files under /etc.