Cloud9 not showing a conflict during synchronization



After using Cloud9 for a while today I had an error. Im working on a developer org with another member of my team and somehow Cloud9 managed to overwrite around 20 files on the developer org with older files from my Cloud9 setup. Everything my colleague changed yesterday was overwritten with the older files.

So I decided to do a test, i had him pull a file with The Welkin Suite, had him change a string and had him build the file to salesforce. The file was succesfully upload and changed on salesforce.

During this time i had the file open in Cloud9 and changed a different string but i waited with pressing Save untill his changes was upload to SF. When his change was uploaded I pressed save and Cloud9 uploaded the file and did not show a conflict. My chang was uploaded and the change made by my colleague was gone.

Is this intended behavior? Tools like The Welkin Suite show an actual error to tell me there is a server side conflict and it has to be resolved.


The expected behaviour would be for Cloud9 to notify you of conflicts instead of overwriting them. Just to understand the situation better, were you coding on Cloud9 and your colleague on Setup / Developer Console? Or did you invite your colleague to Cloud9 as a collaborator?


Yep. To be more clear he was using a different offline editor like Eclipse. I was just using the regular Cloud9 interface/editor.