Cloud9 Node Server Running Extremely slowly this morning



Please see the images below. The first is the times it is taking for TTFB (time to first byte) and the second is just a waterfall view of what is loading and how long it is taking. Everything accessed that is taking a long time is on my own node server in my c9 instance.

Never mind I can only upload 1 image as a new user. Any thoughts on why this would be occurring? It needs to be a lot faster.


Here is the second image


I’ve been going over logs for your workspaces and can’t see any reason requests would be going slower than normal. It looks like the server was relatively low load at the time you created this thread.

Was it much faster in the past and has just slowed down in the past few days?
If your workspace still performing slowly now?
Is it just this workspace that is going slower? Or all of yours?
Did you add anything new to the codebase that could be causing this?


Hi timjrobinson, I’ve set up my first and only workspace a few days ago, all was fine until yesterday when I linked a couple of external images whose average size is 1Mb. They just show up ever so slowly also today. It looks like that’s the way it has to work when calling for external assets, or rather because I’m loading them from far Italy? ;-))
I’ll provide screenshots or whatever as you require.
Thanks a million