Cloud9 Glossary of Terms


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Users that have been invited into a workspace by the owner and now have read/write access to the workspace. For instructions on how to invite collaborators, see Share a Workspace.

Community Workspace

A workspace that is public and has the basic level of ram (512mb) and disk space (2gb).

Hot (Workspace)

When a workspace is hot, it can be opened by the owner and collaborators and its processes will continue running so long as the workspace is hot. For Pro users, three workspaces can be hot at once, or in other words, three workspaces open simultaneously for one premium account.

A workspace is no longer hot when you have opened 3 other workspaces more recently (or however many hot workspaces are allotted in your plan).

For a more detailed explanation, take a look at Hot Workspaces.

Owner (of a workspace)

The creator and administrator for a workspace. The owner has read/write access and can also give other users read/write or simply read access. The owner is the only user that can delete a workspace.

Private Workspace

A workspace that is only readable or writable upon invitation by the owner


A generic term often used by developers to denote a certain product or app they are working on. See “Workspace” for relevance.

Public Workspace

A workspace that is publicly readable but only writable (and executable) by the owner or invitation. Guests can open files from the file tree on the left but may not open a terminal or execute any commands unless the owner gives them write privileges by sharing the workspace.


A run configuration or a certain command that is executed when the Run button is pressed. Certain workspace templates have a default runner. If your workspace does not have a default runner, each file does. You may also choose your own by going to Run > Run With. You may also create a custom Cloud9 runner.


A Ubuntu (Linux) virtual machine in the cloud. Workspaces are often synonymous with “projects” but do not have to be. If you want to, you can have several projects in one workspace.

Workspace Template

A workspace template is something you select when you create a new Cloud9 workspace. Templates can determine:

  • A set of files preloaded into the file pane when the workspace is created
  • A default runner or default run configuration assigned to the Run button. For example, for a Wordpress workspace, the default runner is to run the index.php file with Apache. (Note that if there is no default runner, the Run button will behave differently on a file-by-file basis)
  • Preinstalled software or configuration (currently most workspaces are not different in this regard but there is a potential for them to be e.g. Apache is actually installed on all workspaces as it stands)

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