Cloud9 for Education


I teach Girls Who Code at a local library outside of Chicago. We are unable to download any applications on our Chromebooks therefore we leveraged Cloud9.
We used Cloud9 to create Flask applications last year and authed into Cloud9 from GitHub just fine. And it worked beautifully - the students were able to learn basic Git commands, pair program, and learn Flask thanks to your application.

However, I am unable to sign up the new students this year as it redirects to AWS. I was wondering if we can still up new users without entering CC information and etc and can easily authed into Cloud9 using their newly created GitHub accounts.

These are 6th graders with GitHub accounts - I would like to avoid creating extra accounts in AWS.



First of all, if you still have a Cloud9 Education plan, you may still be able to invite students to it, but be aware that there is a temporary restriction on the plans to 50 students. In the long term, will no doubt receive less support and become a less viable platform, especially as the amount of students grows.

If you do sign up for an AWS account, you are then able to create IAM users that can be invited to AWS Cloud9 workspaces. These users do not need to enter any credit card information, and it may be easier to invite them in bulk and to control their permissions than it is currently in IAM accounts are children of the main account, so the resources used are billed to the parent account. If you don’t have an AWS account, you’ll get AWS Free Tier, which provides some free EC2 hours, but especially if you have a lot of students, you’ll have to pay more for each workspace. I would recommend applying for AWS Education educator benefits, which should provide enough credit for your needs.

Unfortunately, your students’ GitHub accounts can’t be linked to AWS, so you’ll have to create IAM accounts and have them manually set up git. If you’d like, I can create an IAM user for you to take for a spin?


Thank you so much for your reply. I think I will pass on the trial offer but will keep it in mind for the future.

I just want to say thank you for such a great product.



Sure, no problem! Good luck with whatever you choose, and I hope the class goes well.

I apologize if I was misleading, but I don’t work for AWS Cloud9, I’ve just used it a lot. I do agree that Cloud9 is a great product though, so many thanks to the Cloud9 team.