Cloud9 - Continuously



I would like to be sure of something. Does Cloud9 work continuously ? Indeed, I have a python script that is at the moment running and that has to run for an entire month without being stopped because I am collecting data from an API. I checked by closing the window and the script is still running so that’s pretty cool.

Thanks in advance for your answer.


I once left a node.js server running for about a week without issue. I don’t see why a month-long python script would be any different.


Cloud9 workspaces are shut down half an hour or so after you leave your workspace, so any scripts will be halted then. You could keep the Cloud9 tab open during that time, and it will keep running. However, you will be logged out after some time, so that won’t work, plus your computer would need to be run the entire time, at which point, you might as well run the script locally. Your best bet is to use Hot Workspaces, which are part of the premium plan. As long as you enter the workspace every now and then in order to keep it in the most used workspaces, it will stay on.


Are you sure about it being just half an hour? I’m pretty sure I’ve had stuff running for days, just like @jstrother said above.


I confirm that we can run a script for limited time…
I was so happy to have found a way of running it for ever.
I may either get an upgrade of my account or to run it manually three times a day…
thanks anyway for everything.