"Cloud9 can't get to your requested workspace." error in preview



Steps to reproduce:

 1. Start an application bound on IP address with port 8080
 2. Click the "Preview" menu button in the IDE.
 3. Click the "Preview Running Application" menu item.


 Page loads but displays a Cloud 9 error message:  "Cloud9 can't get you to your requested workspace."


 The running website should display.

What I’ve done to debug:

 1. I've verified that the website is responding by doing:

            curl http://localhost:8080/

     Output is the HTML that I would expect.

 2. I've verified that the server is, indeed, the app listening on via:

             netstat -lntp

 3. I've killed and restarted the server and run the command given in #2 just to
     be extra certain that the server is indeed the only process bound on

Any help getting this to work would be apprecated. My workspace is named “website”.


on which workspace do you see this?


This was the workspace named “website”, with account "michaelsafyan"
authenticated via GitHub. As a temporary work around, I created a new
workspace albeit of a different type and didn’t experience this issue. I
haven’t tried again with the original workspace, though I intend to do so
later (as that will save me some setup).