Cloud9 Cannot Support sendmail, postfix?


Hello there! I’m eugene hwang.
today I had bugs when using sendmail or postfix on Cloud9, It is not works for me.
for example, Some of the CMS will send the authentication e-mail when a member registration. However, people who wants to use the home page that do not use caused by the authentication mail has not been sent. This is, sendmail, with symptoms that occur in both of postfix, but installation will be normal at the time of installation, original, but should normally sendmail is operated without the individual setting, Cloud9 is why so such can not operate whether, have experienced a big inconvenience. Therefore, I am seen as sendmail, is modified to postfix is to operate normally want.

// English is not my first language. Please excuse my some mistakes… :slightly_smiling:


outgoing port 25 is blocked on our systems. You shouldn’t have any issues using sendmail/postfix if you use a different port. This is a restriction in place by our hosting provider, Google: