Cloud9 AWS ports


Hi, I’ve seen that c9 is now on AWS and I’m interested about ports: on cloud 9 ports 8080, 8081 and 8082 were open and I would like to know if anything changed with transition to aws. I’ve always had problems with livereload not working etc on c9 because of this port limitations, so I hope that this could be better on aws. Thanks in advance for any insight!

Beside this I would also like to know where documentation will be, because i regularly use documentation and on AWS there is (almost) no c9 documentation (just some FAQ)


One of the benefits of AWS Cloud9 is that you use an underlying EC2 instance, so you can use all of the features of EC2, including modifying security groups to add and remove ports, plus filter source IP addresses and more. In addition, there’s no proxy in front of the instance, so you shouldn’t experience problems with HTTPS and other problems with the Cloud9 proxy.

As for documentation, get started with the Getting Started Guides. Then, if you need to do something you can’t find in the AWS Cloud9 preferences, search for it in the EC2 documentation.


Thanks for reply @dannytech
That’s great news about ports, really I expected this, but wanted to check it … Thanks also for the link to documentation.
Cloud 9 was my development environment last years, best development environment ever made. I feel like at home when I open c9 :smile:
Everything that is good has an end… that’s life …
I truly hope that you made a good deal on Amazon, because you really deserve a fair reward for your work!
I am waiting for the announcement that we need to transfer our Workspaces to Amazon …
Best regards to all Cloud9 team!


One thing I can tell you, after using C9 on a Lightsail instance, is that you cannot Preview an app unless it’s http server speaks https - the Preview requires a url of https://localhost:8080 or 8081 or 8002

Pelican, for instance cannot be previewed


I looked at Cloud9 AWS and noticed that the support for different languages is reduced, for example, there is no “Run with Meteor” … Of course you can run it through Node - but you need to explain more to the students … Online application viewing there also requires “dancing with tambourine”: there is a 5-STEPS instruction, up to 15 paragraphs in each step - instead of directly opening the application by link in c9 … and as a result of the application running at: http: // localhost: 3000 , … Preview goes to “No application seems to be running here!” … Public IP … still doesn 't work … etc :slight_smile:
In general, is it planned to bring Cloud9 AWS closer to the original C9 platform in usability?