Cloud9 Autocomplete Hints not showing up



The Cloud9 Autocomplete Hints not showing up on any of the workspaces i have access to, nor for my colleagues.


Which browser do you use? Cloud9 works well on chrome and firefox. Are there any extensions installed in the browser?


Furthermore, please make sure to share what language this is happening for and post a screenshot. It can also help to check the browser console for errors or messages.


Hello harutyun,

Thanks for taking time to look into this.

I use c9 on chrome and there are many extensions which are installed. But none of them can alter the working of the c9 as it was working fine earlier with the same extensions and everything.


Hello bradydowling,

Thanks for your effort too.

The hints didn’t come up for PHP and here is the screencast for the issue.


This looks like a bug with the new codeintel based autocompleter.
On which workspace did this happen?


Its a shared Workspace named "shoot2sell"
Shoot2Sell WorkSpace

Anyways, thanks for the help, the hints are working now. :slight_smile:


env: firefox 45 on win7

It also happended for me today.
It happend on both javascript and coffeescript
When i opened the browser console.
I found the page was trying to download unexist file such as.*******************
which obvious not exist at all

i think the dash part should be /.c9/metadatas/ but actully got ///


this is also happening to me now. the auto complete is not working for php, but is just fine with html and everything else. any idea what is going on?


I restarted the workspace and it was fine thereafter, I did encounter this bug though.


Hello HarleyF
how did you to restart the workspace? Just close it and open it again?