Cloud9 / Angular4 / Port 8080



 I've just recently been introduced to Cloud9. It's a great dev tool.
 I'm going through the ng-book/Complete guide to Angular 7.
 I created an HTML 5 workspace, installed angular/cli and verified that
 npm/node are installed.

 I've created a simple Helloworld app but I can't get the Ng4 application to run.
 I can preview the index.html, but none of the data bindings are functionality. It is just rendering
 the page.
 I've done "ng build", followed by "ng serve"...but I can't preview the running application.

 I've also run "netstat" to see the binding...I see &* - not sure where/how
 to configure the ip/port changes within Cloud9 project.

 Can somebody point me in the right direction?

  Thank you!


I’d recommend seeing if you can start the Angular project specifically at (these are bound by default to $IP and $PORT as well). Try starting up with ng serve --host $IP --port $PORT