[ Cloud9 administrators ] General Cloud9 use post AWS change



So I take a number of online courses. From where isn’t really important, but primarily Udemy.
I like to help others in the courses get their working environments up and running and have been recommending the use of Cloud9 to do this. However I’m wondering if the latest changes to cloud9/aws has deprecated my approach. Please consider for example,
here’s a github that I’ve been pointing Laravel 5.5 students as to how to setup a functioning environment for Laravel

Will this no longer be possible with the new and (hopefully) improved AWS marriage?


Why do you think that aws cloud9 may be incompatible with your approach? Is the issue with amazon linux missing some packages or something else?


I don’t believe the new Cloud9/AWS system provides a like interface to create a boilerplate php project does it?

If it does I’d like to know how. I’ve looked at the landing page for the new AWS stuff and dug around, but I don’t see anything at all resembling the legacy site interface. The instructions on this github I’m referring to here outlines the generation of a base project using the php template. From there a script is executed to update various components within that workspace. Would you suspect any of this is transferable?



The interface have changed a bit and the script needs to use yum instead of sudo for now because the default workspace is not ubuntu, but in the script you are already installing different versions of php and mysql, so you can do the same on the default template too.
I think even with c9.io using the default template instead of php may be better, since you won’t have some of old php related programs (that you do not use) taking space on the vm.