Cloud9 account blocked

I used edx to get free cloud9 linux based ide to mine some crypto currency. which lead to permanent banned of my edx account from cloud9. but months later I stoped doing all unethical activity. Now I am pursuing CS50 . but karma has comed back to bite me. even after my account was banned cs50 ide was working. but recently I got a mail from cloud9 that they are migrating cs50 ide to improved enviorment . And migrating is necessary to save data but to do migrating I need to log in at using edx. but due to my banned account I cant login thus I can not migrate my ide data. and it is also too late for me to create another account on edx and I am already on cs50 week 4 now I need help before my data gets permanently Deleted.

my edx account email id - rahil.rms3@gmail (new user can put only one link)

my problem sets of cs50(proof) -