Cloud9 Accessibility


Hello There,

Is there anyone on the Cloud9 team who can help me answer a few high-level accessibility questions about Cloud9?

I work with the Dept. of Computer Science at the Unversity of Colorado and we are looking to use Cloud9 in the fall for many of our intro courses. We have an accessibility review team within the University that has a process to test software to make sure it meets the minimal requirements to be accessible for all students (i.e. keyboard friendly, works with a screen reader) before we can start using it.

Here is some info on our accessibility testing process:

Some example questions:

Is your product or service compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA?

Has the service or software interface been tested using assistive technologies?

Please message me if you can help me out. We will gladly share the results with you for your own records.



unfortunately we have not worked on improving cloud9 accessibility yet. So many things may not work well.
But we’ll be happy to fix the issues you find.


Thank you for the response. We really like your product a lot. Would you be willing to answer a few questions so I can satisfy our accessibility department in order to use Cloud9 in our Computer Science Department? I can send you the form.



Sure, please send it to, and mention this topic



Thank you very much for willing to answer some questions about accessibility on Cloud9. We are hoping to use Cloud9 in our Department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado (CU) this fall. Before the department can begin distributing your application to our students, we need to satisfy the CU accessibility requirements.

If you can, please do your best to fill out this form.

Please enter: ‘88133’ where it says ICT Review Ticket number
Please enter: ‘Tim Coleman’ where is says Name of contact at CU Boulder
Please enter: where it says Email address of your contact at CU Boulder

If you have any info (online or offline) related to accessibility to Cloud9, please include that as well.

We greatly appreciate your help on this. For your records, and provided you would like access, we are happy to provide you with our findings after our review completed.