Cloud IDE vs Local


Hey c9,

About 6 months ago I got into web development, and now I am coding first app for production…

This is somewhat of an open ended question, but if someone could please explain to me why I should continue to use this ide instead, of the local ide?

A quick list of maybe 3-5 potential pros and cons would do if any one could help with that . =)



imho it is easier to work as a team or remotely from any destination
also theres no setup involved, just try it

  1. I don’t know if any of the others have such a powerful terminal and sudo access to Ubuntu like C9 does.
  2. A lot of Cloud9 is open-source.
  3. It was before all the competitors you see now.


  1. You no longer have the pain of getting a local LAMP/Rails/whatever setup going before you can even start a project. (Or reconfiguring your system when you want to load up an old project)
  2. Every window, tab, terminal, editor is saved exactly as you like it for your project.
  3. You can show your project to a friend, colleague or client with one link
  4. Work from anywhere on any device
  5. Automatic backups and revision history on every file


You can link it up to your Github or Bitbucket accounts which is a huge plus as well, plus all the stuff timjrobison just said. I personally use Bitbucket and love the fact I can just clone in my project and hit the ground running. This by far is the best Cloud IDE I have seen to date. I’m not in anyway affiliated with C9 and in my 10 years of webdev I think my level of excitement about their platform is up there with the likes of when jQuery or CodeIgniter came out.


great! thanks for the reply guys, sincerely appreciate it.