Cloud development competition and options


So I’ve come across a competitor called They seem to offer a lot of what y’all do and then some. It’s based on the same platform and is primarily a paid service with a 14 day trial. Y’all do have a plus with the unlimited workspaces and free plan. :slightly_smiling: Don’t worry, I’m not switching. Just thought I’d let y’all know.

Maybe it’ll spark some ideas on how to improve your service. :wink:


So far, in my opinion crushes every competitor out there.


Thanks for bringing this up. Competition is certainly a good thing :wink: It’d be really interesting to see/hear some areas that other cloud IDE’s excel over Cloud9 so we can get almost a comprehensive analysis about it.

Also note that this other thread exists which may be useful to reference for another competitor:


We sometimes play around with other online IDE’s to get ideas of how we could improve Cloud9, but on the whole I think we’re pretty far ahead of our competitors in features, stability and value (I’m biased of course ;))

If there are any areas you think another IDE is better please do let us know and we’ll make sure to improve Cloud9 so it’s the best it can be.


Nitrous has the ability to sync with a local IDE, such as RubyMine. It would be great if Cloud9 had that…