Cloud 9 Workspace is completely GONE when I logged in! Please help!



This is EXTREMELY urgent. My workspace that I used for school and that I have now been using for my job has completely disappeared when I logged in. I do not know as to why this happened. I need this workspace back up as soon as possible. I have a lot of completed work on there that I need access again too immediately.


I am also experiencing this issue… the workspace opens up but then the file tree and the open files are just showing spinners and never loading… status page says UI is working fine, but the issue persists.

this is error returned after a while:
ssh process died with exit code 255
ssh: connect to host 107.17
.**.*** port 22: Connection timed out
ssh process died with exit code 255
ssh: connect to host 107.17
.***.*** port 22: Connection timed out


My workspace just isn’t there! It’s devistating! This is awful, I can’t
trust to work on Cloud9 anymore if this issue doesn’t get resolved.


This also just happened to me. Logged in this morning after last log in was Monday night and all 4 of my workspaces are gone!


I also followed directions on your other post. Incognito and other browser did not make them reappear


@timalzoubi3 @cjacobs7 Could you guys write in to with any/all affected workspaces so we can take a look? This might also happen if you were a part of a Team and were removed for some reason or another; this will delete any workspaces of yours that were tied to the team account.


Crap, I had two workspaces with a ton of code I was working on and its all gone as well. Everything…

What the hell is going on? Is there a significant system failure going on at C9 that everyone seems to be loosing their workspaces? Quite honestly, something that sounds this widespread definitely has me rethinking where to operate this from. I loved the IDE, but I can’t suffer failures like this.

Marcos (mdella)


Just did! We found out that our professor (who we signed up originally) with deleted his account. Is there any way to recover our workspaces and move onto our own subscription? I had started using Cloud9 for all my professional work because of what an amazing tool it was.


Anything more on this? Are my files recoverable?


Thank you to Bryce and the C9 team! We were able to recover all workspace files.



I am writing because I was in touch with one of your support representatives, Bryce from c9 (bryce.ito@cloud9) and was informed that I would be unable to retrieve my lost workspaces (over 10 of them) without having exact name and exact time last accessed though having lost all of them I have absolutely no idea of either. I’m frustrated because the coding school I was attending supposedly deleted me from their c9 (they can only have a minimum number of users tied to the account so they removed me without informing me) which caused me to lose all my workspaces. I’ve had a great expereince with c9 up until this point. Please let me know if there is any possible way for me to gain access to my lost work (my email tied to is the same one tied to this screen name).

Sincerely, Andrew