Cloud 9 The requested URL /phpMyAdmin/ was not found on this server



Hi.I need help please. I am learning mySQL and PHP for uni and so am completely new to Cloud 9 and struggling with the notes provided by the uni. I have gotten phpMyAdmin to work in a previous exercise in a different workspace. This one is set to private (because it’s an assignment). I have since tried to persist with building the assignment tables with mySQL but am having trouble there too, I don’t know if the two are related or not. I’ve added my question to this thread (How to get back to Mysql Command Prompt).

Thanks in advance.


Have you tried following the instructions from here? It also includes a video so you can make absolutely sure you’re getting the steps right.


Thanks for your help Danny. In the end my tutor had to get in and muck around with it. He’s not sure how he managed to fix it though!