Cloud 9 suddenly stopped parsing es7


Cloud9 all of a suddent stopped parsing es7 syntac such as decorators, properties, static properties, async / await and more.

At the moment all es7 syntax gives an error: “Parsing error. Unexpected token …”

This happened to all my workspaces, and it started either yesterday or the day before that. Seems like I am not the only one experiencing these issues.

This is probably not the place to post this (does cloud9 personell read these forums?) but I cannot see any other place to post a bug report on their site.


This is the correct place to report the issue.

Could you show a sample of the code that shows the errors


Thanks for the quick answer @harutyun, here is a workspace showing the issue


Thanks for the report! We found regression in parsing of

  • bind operator x::y
  • class properties class a { x = 0; static y }
  • and decorators @decorator class a { }

Fix for these will be deployed asap.
Please let us know if you find any other broken syntax.


Thanks for the quick action. I’ll let you know if I find any more regressions. I think arrow functions wasn’t parsed either, but I guess that’s covered by the bind operator parsing.



Another regression, that might be related. The editor correctly let’s me know that the variable “teams” is not being used. It does not, however, show a dotted line under the variable name. This is only for destructure assignment. It is correctly showing dotted lines under unused variables which are assigned normally.