Cloud 9 game engine support


I would like my High School Game Development class to work on Cloud 9 like my Computer Programming class does, but we are having problems getting any of the HTML5 Game Engines working. The students are looking at the websites on these links:


but most of the games install onto the computer.

However, has some promise if I change 8080 to $PORT in the package.json file. Construct2 ( makes games we can put on cloud9 but that is not really the point.

I like but the games don’t seem to work on our school chrome browsers

Anything that works on cloud9 and takes a game and puts it on a website would be really helpful.

Any suggestions?


All of those engines should run fine in a Cloud9 workspace, you just need to extract the files and can view them by opening the index file and going preview -> live preview file.

three.js probably doesn’t run on the school computers because it requires a newer version of WebGL and the video cards on those school computers aren’t good enough for it. You’re probably going to run into the same issue with all the other 3D web game engines too if that’s the case. You could try using Firefox, as it may have better video card support.

If you’re ok with making 2D games I’d recommend, it’s what most web game developers are using for 2D games now and has a good community and many tutorials. This wouldn’t be able to show blender models you’ve created though (unless you render them out as a 2D image).


If anyone has a github site that loads one of these game engines on cloud9 I would really like to see it, I have tried several with very little success.

Thanks for the tip about I will look into it. Wow I just found instructions to load it on Cloud 9

You are awesome @timjrobinson :smiley:

… argh 10 minutes later. The repo at git clone installs but it is not really obvious what to do from their

npm install 

does nothing useful


From the file it looks like they want people to view them on the actual phaser site. So maybe that repository no longer works.

I’d recommend trying the phaser tutorial: and seeing how it works with that. You can just go preview -> live preview file on any of the html files to view the tutorial project as you’re developing it.