Closed my workspace



Cloud 9 has closed my workspace. I cannot get my code back from the server.
Also, I did not receive any notification before the Workspace is closed.
Please help me from settling.

Thank you


Can you post the link of where the workspace was here or send it to Please be aware that Cloud9 does not cover restoration of workspaces or accounts under their Terms of Service and do not offer it as a service. What were you doing before it was closed? Can you try logging out and back in again to make sure it’s really gone?


actually, it is not closed by cloud9.
it pops up a msg as below:

"You could be coding right now

In order to provide a free
service for everyone, we stop workspaces after a while.

Premium plans offer active workspaces, which ensure that the three
most recently used workspaces are never stopped."

And, there is a button “Upgrade to premium now”.


Yes, this is the message that pops up when you leave a workspace inactive for a while and it shuts down due to inactivity.


In fact, I am working on this project everyday.
I code the website and run the server nearly everyday in the previous 2 months.


Interesting. I would say this is not a problem, but if it keeps happening in the future more than it should, I would suggest re-opening this as a bug.


Then, is there any solution to open the workspace? Actually, I am quite urgent to use it.


Oh, I’m sorry, that wasn’t clear. It isn’t opening? Can you check the Developer Tools console for any errors and post them here?


Actually I can only get this page.
Is this what you want??


No, in the developer tools (on chrome, press Ctrl+Shift+I), and under the console tab, look for any red errors and post them here, please.


Can this help?

thank you


Interesting, usually there are errors when a problem like this occurs. Can you contact and ask them to restart your workspace?