Cloning a Shared Workspace



Hi there,

I’m teaching introductory Computer Science to high school students on their own machines, 30 students at a time.

I don’t want them to have to deal with any setup at all (since this is a pretty short week-long workshop), so what I’ve done is create a workspace that I’ve installed Python3 packages on (which the projects they’re using make use of) so that students don’t have to and uploaded all project files and whatnot.

My plan was to create a single “master” workspace on my account which I could then share to each of their 30 emails with read-only access. Then, they would simply clone the workspaces and their environments would be 100% set up (with no need to interact with any of the complex Linux commands needed for installation) and no opportunity to mess anything up + streamlining logistics.

I can’t figure out how to do this. In my tests, I’ve shared the workspace with a single other C9 user. I’ve tried giving them Read and Read+Write Access, but nowhere have I seen an option to clone a shared workspace, which would be optimal.

Does this feature exist? How can I use it? Is there a workaround if it doesn’t?

I guess the alternative (which now that I think about it isn’t bad at all) would be creating a bash file within a github and have them clone it. Then have them run the setup bash file immediately after cloning from the git repo.

Alternative to cloning team workspaces

I too would like this feature for the educational purposes.


The ability to clone an existing shared public workspace would be a killer feature for us. It would likely be the tipping point for my employer to be interested in an Enterprise Cloud9 license. Would love to hear if this is a possibility for the future!

Allow cloning of other users' public workspaces

This is a great feature to add. I had my students create their own workspace and will use Kunal_Mishra suggested alternative of using a bash script to install the necessary packages.

Please keep us posted on when this feature is added. Thanks!


I also have a student on Cloud 9. He shares his workspace with me but doesn’t like it when I play around with his code. I would love to be able to clone his workspace but I don’t see a clone button available for other people’s workspaces shared with me. Why?