Clone can't have looser access permissions than the parent


I cloned one of my workspaces and now when I try to make it public, it tells me that I can’t because of my parent workspace. Why is it locked and how can I enable my app to be public?


In order to protect the integrity and privacy of your code, Cloud9 restricts the visibility of a cloned workspace. To make it public, you must find the parent workspace and then set that to the visibility/publicity you want the child to have.

Do not delete the parent workspace as this may prevent you from making the child workspace public at all.

If you are unable to figure out the parent workspace or make it public then you may try downloading your project files and then uploading them into a new workspace you create.


I did what you said, this is my parent workspace:
Its already public.

But still, I’m unable to make the child public:


Hi brady.
I am in the same situation.
I want to keep my worskace name. Is there a way to get rid off that problem without creating a new workspace ?

Thanks in advance.