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Hi Folks,

I wanted to find out more about how to create a customized workspace type.

Harvard’s CS50 has a link that allows new workspaces to be created that is a clone their CS50 workspace:

I believe it’s using the “custome IDE configuration” function listed in your docs:

Is this how I would go about creating a customized workspace that can be “cloned” like CS50? Am I on the right track or is there another feature that I’m totally unaware of?

Thank you for your time!


Hey @alininja,

Just pop the CS50 github link that they want you to clone into the “Clone from Git or Mercurial URL” input in that form and you’re all cloned and ready to go!

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Thanks @mikeumus for the feedback. What CS50 github link are you referring to? This one?:

I guess I’m trying to figure out how to make a workspace that I can use a link like this:

Is custom ide configuration the path I need to walk to get there?:

Thanks again!


They’re instructing you to clone that URL?

The form here is just for git or Mercurial URLs but maybe you just ignore that optional field and create your workspace and then that’s what workspace they want you to have:



Hi @mikeumus, nope, it’s not a clone from URL type of thing.

I just need to log into, and then go to the link, and a new workspace with all of CS50’s plugins installed. The entire IDE is different from the vanilla cloud9 IDE.

I have no idea how this is possible.



You’re welcome. Is there anyone from the CS50 course you can ask about how to use the custom C9?

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Hey @mikeumus,

I guess if I can’t reverse engineer how they went about creating their customized and clone-able workspace, I’ll contact their people.

My first step was to try and figure out what feature/tool
they are using within Cloud9’s ecosystem to allow them to have a
clone-able, customized IDE.

Thanks again for all of your help!


@mikeumus, you might be interested in this dockerfile solution to customize, clone-able workspaces:

Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Alternative to cloning team workspaces

I just dug up this thread and wanted to close the loop on this. Cloning workspaces is now possible with the click of a button. Let me know if you have any questions about this and I’d be happy to explain them.

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